Eurofelt Products

Woolfelt and Technical felt (industrial felt)

Eurofelt provides felt for the fashion and interior decoration industry but also for a wide range of technical applications.


In house capabilities paired with an established network of felt manufacturers allows Eurofelt to provide a variety of custom solutions ranging from the customization of standard products to full custom services.

Our capabilities include CNC cutting, hand and machine stitching, laminiation.


Some previous custom projects have included wall solutions, acoustic baffles and decorative felt feature pieces. 



Our 2 mm wool design felt is ideal for drapery, wrapped panels, tackboards,  lifestyle and home goods. The felt is naturally moisture resistant, durable, renewable and perfect for a variety of applications. 


Our 3 mm wool design felt is available for product, furniture, fashion and vertical surface applications. The possibilities are limitless. 5 mm wool design felt is well-suited for flooring coverings.


Tecnical felt:

Our technical felts (also known as industrial felt) are used for example, as gaskets, insulation material, feltgliders guide belts or felt for steel processing. The felts can be manufactured to be tailor made for specific applications.


Please contact us for more information. For examples of our work, please see our Portfolio.